Our company was born in 1921 in the province of Varese, and just like many other stories it started from the initiative of one man, Emilio Bianchi, who had understood from his practical experience how important was for manufacturers to find a reliable and specialised partner.

Year after year, the original DNA has lived on and has renewed, in order to achieve one single, ever-evolving objective: bringing together the excellence of its services and the best quality of components and accessories.

The experience and knowledge acquired over decades of cooperation with Italian and, since the mid-90s, with European manufacturers, have made of Bianchi a unique partner for its Clients.

The selection and applications of products, as well as logistic centres close to the most strategic industrial areas have given our Customers the opportunity to benefi t from our know-how and from the know-how our Suppliers can provide us with.

Our target: manufacturing companies.
Our contribution: supply Clients with perfect and original products for their specific applications in the shortest delays, to support the maximum efficiency of industrial production.

Bianchi Cuscinetti, the leader of the Group, has been capable of widening its product range from rolling bearings to linear systems and Power Transmission components, keeping its specialisation unchanged and extending its vision and values to its foreign subsidiaries, which are now perfectly integrated in the same business model.
Bianchi Cuscinetti is the leader of a group of companies located in the Iberian Peninsula, in France, in the UK, with a presence in Germany too, and has conquered an international standing.

However, it has kept unchanged its basic target of excellence and specialisation in services to industrial manufacturing. Industry, therefore, will accompany the name Bianchi starting from 2015 and for the future. In order to make this message clear globally, we chose to use the English term "Industrial".

From Bianchi Cuscinetti to Bianchi Industrial, then, starting from 1st June 2015.